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Equine-imity  teaches somatic horsemanship using qigong, a tai chi-like meditation, with horses. Somatic  means of the body. Written especially for non-horse people and non-meditators, Equine-imity  explores the physical relationship between humans and horses, on the ground and, optionally, on the horse, in order to promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health in both species.

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The Manual of Somatic Horsemanship:

An Instructor’s Guide to Equine-imity —
Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga in the Company of Horses

This companion manual to the Equine-imity book will enable equine-guided learning practitioners and other equestrians to replicate Stanford Equine-imity at professional riding centers and private barns.

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Adapt the proven Stanford Medicine and Horsemanship program to your equine-guided program. With this ground-breaking manual and accompanying materials, any person, or group of people, with healthcare, equine, and experiential learning expertise can learn to conduct programs that teach medical students and healthcare professionals the interpersonal skills needed to become true healers. Read more...

PATH, International STRIDES Vol. 20, No. 3 (2014)

Somatic Horsemanship—An Equine-Facilitated Wellness Program

by Beverley Kane, MD, and Cornelia Thompson, TRI. This article describes the Stanford School of Medicine Health Improvement Course, Somatic Horsemanship—Stress Reduction in the Presence of Horses. Learn how your Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies center can conduct equine-facilitated wellness programs.

Projection—The Magic Mirror

Projection is a monograph excerpted from The Manual of Medicine and Horsemanship. It discusses projection, introjection, re-collection, transference, and counter-transference in the therapeutic relationship.

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Mythology of Horses was submitted as Dr. Kane's dissertation for certification with the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork. It discusses horses in myths and dreams.

The Parapsychology of the Horse-Human Relationship

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The Parapsychology of the Horse-Human Relationship is a 4.2 MB PowerPoint presentation that was delivered at the 2010 and 2011 Equine-Guided Education Association annual conferences in Valley Ford, CA. It defines and describes gold-standard Western medical research and research in parapsychology. It discusses the relevance of parapsychology and consciousness studies to equine-assisted learning and therapy. The content was revised for Window 2012. View in both Slide Show mode and Normal View for full content.

Symptom and Significance

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Symptom and Significance is an essay on psychosomatic (mind-body) medicine and healing. It describes the symbolic aspects of health and illness and gives practical tips for playing with the body's metaphors in the service of creating wholeness and wellness.