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Equine-imity Somatic Horsemanship

Experience body-mind renewal in the company of horses Private, semi-private, and group sessions No horse experience or riding required

Somatic means of the body. Somatic horsemanship is body-mind rejuvenation through physical interaction with horses. In Equine-imity, you will enjoy body-mind wholeness by spending time with a natural herd and individual horses in a beautiful open space where you will be able to touch, groom, and lead your horse and, optionally, experience the meditation ride on her.

Somatic horsemanship combines the principles of safe, conventional horse handling with techniques from qigong, yoga, tai chi, dance, and other somatic and healing arts. It includes practices from equine-assisted psycho-spiritual development, natural horsemanship, sports medicine, and nature therapy.

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Horses are masters of somatic wisdom. They live comfortably, unashamedly, and exuberantly in their bodies. They restore in us the strength, coordination, grace, flexibility, and joy we tend to lose in the aging process and through injury, inactivity, or body shaming.

Equine-imity somatic horsemanship programs are designed for work, religious, and community groups and for individuals, couples, and families seeking a connection or re-connection with animals and the earth. These relationships with animals and nature strengthens our core values and integrity and enhance our feelings of playfulness, peace, and well-being. In an atmosphere of unconditional support and compassion, arrive at a place of self-awareness and self-appreciation, the essential ingredients of peace of mind and peace of heart.

One hour to two-day programs are available at Webb Ranch, Portola Valley, CA, or at an equestrian teaching facility near you.

To schedule your Equine-imity private appointment or group retreat, contact:
Beverley Kane, MD

We are open during the covid pandemic. Face coverings and social distancing are required.

You will receive 25% off the Equine-imity book when purchased in class or in session.

Your body is your temple and horses lead the way to the altar.
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This program can be taught at your ranch. For more information, or to schedule a program, contact or call 650.868.3379.