Beverley Kane, MD

Horsensei Founder and Lead Mare

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Dr. Kane has taken a long and winding road to Horsensei. Early on, she was on the path to becoming an artist, then a computer scientist. After hitchhiking out to California with $35 in her pocket, intending to stay two weeks, she became gravely ill and was hospitalized. Disappointed with the state of the medical system, she became a volunteer at the Berkeley Free Clinic, then proceeded on to medical school at the University of California San Francisco.

During her residency at San Francisco General Hospital, she co-created the Alternative Therapies Unit, the first integrated medical clinic established in a public hospital in the United States. After becoming Board Certified in Family Practice and completing a fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Kane became profoundly influenced by the book Jacob Atabet, by Michael Murphy. Inspired by the book's implications for human potentials, she moved to London for a fellowship in Sports and Preventive Medicine. Dr. Kane then worked in private practice of Sports Medicine in San Francisco, where she was the Medical Director of the San Francisco Marathon; in multiple risk factor intervention research at the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention; as the physician at Apple Computer for nearly 10 years; and as a medical informaticist specializing in electronic medical records and doctor-patient communication, for which she wrote the guidelines now used by the American Medical Association and numerous medical specialty societies.

Dr. Kane has conducted workshops in human potentials, stress management, dream work, and equine experiential learning at Esalen, Apple, Lockheed, the San Damiano Franciscan retreat, EquuSatori Center, Costanoa, and other venues. With Horsensei, she now integrates her lifelong interest in animal welfare and animal communication, expertise in depth psychology and complementary therapies, and her practice in equine experiential learning and equine facilitated mental health. In addition to publishing numerous articles in both technology and metaphysics, she was the editor-in-chief for and authored much of Silver Threads: 25 Years of Parapsychology Research, the 25th anniversary anthology of the San Francisco Parapsychology Research Group. From 2001-2004, Dr. Kane was a sidewalker at the National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy, the nation's largest hippotherapy center and Premier NARHA site, and a horse handler at the BOK Therapeutic Riding Program, both in Woodside, CA. She is EAGALA Level 1 certified. With her work on the mythology and archetypes of horses and equestrian dreams, she is in process of completing her certification with Jeremy Taylor at the Marin Institute for Projective Dreamwork. An avid horsewoman, she pursues her own equestrian training at the historic Webb Ranch in Portola Valley.