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Photo of Beverley Kane in American River Classic
Beverley at the American River Classic AERC 50-mile endurance ride on Lucky, Dick Carter's 10 year old Arabian gelding, 29 April 2006. The ride went from Folsom to Auburn, covering the last 12 miles of the Western States (Tevis) Trail. It was hot! It was technical! It was a long, hard ride! Lucky spies the photographer in the bushes, but I don't notice a thing, cantering comfy in my new Barefoot Cheyenne treeless saddle.
Photo: Rene Baylor, Baylor-Gore Photography
Beverley riding Jazon Wonders’ 8 year-old Arabian gelding, Blind Faith (Deuce), in her first 50-mile AERC endurance ride, Desert Gold at Ford Ord, Monterey, CA, 25 November 2005. On the left, Jazon on his Arabian gelding Go Jolly (Cheyenne). On the right, Marci Cook on her 15 year old Arabian mare, Ala Alexia (Lexi).
Photo: Rene Baylor, Baylor-Gore Photography
Photo of Beverley Kane Training Dream On iPod
Beverley and her Arabian, Dream, training for the Webb Ranch Spring Fling Dressage Musical Freestyle Show, April 2005. We are using an iPod with a splitter for attaching two sets of earphones. Dream has the iPod ear buds positioned next to her ears, under her bridle and I am wearing the second set. We tried the car CD (too dusty and no way to restart without dismounting) and a boom box (scared and distracted other horses and riders). The iPod worked perfectly at walk, trot, and canter and could be controlled from the saddle. Dream learned to pace to the music.
Photo: Ruben Kleiman,
Beverley and Dream about to go into Musical Freestyle Dressage show. We did a dream medley using Dream Weaver by Gary Wright, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This by the Eurythmics, and Just a Dream (Losing My Religion) by R.E.M. Riding barefoot, bitless, in pajamas and with a sleep mask, we won Most Artistic Performance.
Photo: Mark Muntean,
Mark Muntean Photography
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